Saturday, August 20, 2011

Israel kills five year old terrorist in Gaza

Gaza, (Pal Telegraph) – Many media outlets adopt the Israeli accounts without making sure about its validity.

The attack in Eilat which claimed the lives of 7 Israelis was vivid that it has targeted armed soldiers. Yet, Israeli media outlets led by Haaretz said “People” were killed, afterwards we have seen photos of the scene where military bags indicate it was a military target.

Sadly, all professional media outlets circulated that one side of the story without carrying out any journalistic efforts. BBC, CNN, AFP, Reuters and the key outlets said that civilians were attacked in Israeli resort in Eilat. Shortly, contradictions started to arise as Israeli army released photos of some of the killed soldiers. Haaretz, published a piece of news showing Israeli PM visiting some soldiers in the hospital.

Moving to the Palestinian side, Israel retaliated quickly and killed a number of Palestinian freedom fighters. A child has been killed in the area as the attack took place within a very densely populated area. However, no single Palestinian factions claimed the responsibility of the Eilat attacks.

In the same night, Israel launched further attacks and killed a number of civilians including a boy aged 13. We can’t really confirm if this boy was a terrorist or not!

Yesterday, a Palestinian medic, his 5-year-old child, Islam and his brother were killed in Gaza city. They were targeted by a drone while in a motorcycle. None of the media outlets presented their story with balance yet they continue their bias saying Israel is responding to the Palestinian terror.

The boy Islam Qaraqi is 5 years old. The photo above shows what happened to him. He was grilled like by the Israeli attack rockets.

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