Monday, March 11, 2013

Syrian Regime is Targeting Euphrates Dam

For the since the last 48 hours we have of seen a very dangerous and serious events in Syria.

The Syrian regime is attacking areas near the Euphrates Dam with large, long range Scud type missiles. Behind this dam is an 80 kilemetre long artificial lake containing millions of cubic meters of water. Were this dam to be hit by a missile the water will reach the liberated city of Er Reqqah within 15 minutes, with a tsunami the height of a four story building.

Fifteen minutes is not time enough time to evacuate hundreds of thousands of people including women and children.

The water will also reach the city of Dir Ez Zur few hours later.

If this dam is breached it would be one of the humanitarian disasters of this century.

Yesterday a missile landed one kilometre away from this dam, but thankfully the regime's SCUD missiles are quite inaccurate or too old to function accurately.

The risk of a humanitarian and environmental disaster from the impact of a missile on the dam would be huge, with a massive death toll. Syrians throughout the region, as well as globally, are calling on the international community for help to ensure the Euphrates Dam is not targeted. Source: Correspondents