Sunday, September 29, 2013

Students storm Egyptian controlled Gaza Rafah crossing gate

Hundreds of angry Palestinian students who have been stranded for days at Rafah crossing on Sunday stormed the gate of terminal from the gaza side.

The students stormed their way towards the Egyptian side but the Palestinian security forces manning the terminal blocked them, eyewitnesses told Anadolu Agency.

The students were infuriated over the seemingly endless hours of waiting due to the frequent closure of the terminal by Egyptian authorities.

"If we do not travel this week, our university will expel us, and our residence would consequently expire," one of the students who stormed the gate told AA.

Hundreds of Palestinian students trying to travel to their universities abroad have been stranded at the crossing for days in hopes of getting through the terminal, gaza's only gateway to the outside world as all other points into or out of the coastal enclave remain blocked by Israel.

Around 5,500 Palestinians are on wait lists to cross into Egypt but the Egyptian side only allows few Palestinians through, said Maher Abu Sabha, director of borders in the gaza government. More