Friday, June 15, 2018

UK MPs double down on demand for public registers

UK MPs double down on demand for public registers - Cayman News Service

Andrew Mitchell MP

Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell told the British newspaper, The Guardian, “The overseas territories share our queen, they travel under our flag and they must also share our values.” He said that he and Dame Margaret Hodge, the Labour MP who was part of the cross-bench campaign, will not drop it. The next step, they say, is to include the Crown Dependencies.

Dame Margaret said no British territories should be allowed to continue financial services business without a publicly accessible list of beneficial ownership.

“All territories associated with Britain ought to be governed to the same standards and with the same transparency,” she added. “The purpose of this measure is to tackle all dirty money entering through any British territories. You cannot leave a few out.”


The relevant question, from the colonial point-of-view, the elephant in the room, is our future constitutional status. We, the colonies, not only have to stomache Orders-in-Council, but more importantly, are without democratic representation in London and are therefore second-class citizens.

I suggest that the Cayman Islands demand all the rights that we are not afforded, such as the National Health Service and all the social services and unemployment benefits that full UK citizens are entitled to.