Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spouse English tests for migrants racist, court told

Immigration rules requiring people to speak English before joining their spouse in the UK are racist, a lawyer appealing against the policy has said.

The High Court, sitting in Birmingham, was told that the tougher language tests discriminated against British-Indian families and their traditions.

The Home Office now requires anyone entering the UK to join their spouse to speak a minimum level of English.

Three couples are challenging the rules which were introduced in November 2010.

Rashida Chapti, a British citizen, has been married for almost 40 years to her husband, Vali. The couple have six children and have divided their time for 15 years between Leicester and India. His wife now wants him to move permanently to the UK, but Mr Chapti does not speak, read or write English.

The immigration rules introduced last year require Mr Chapti to show a basic knowledge of English before he can be given permission to stay. More >>>

Location: Cayman Islands