Friday, July 1, 2011

United States Knesset Resolution 185 Reconsidered: To be or Not To Be American

This week the United States Senate unanimously adopted a resolution drafted by its masters, the State of Israel and AIPAC, to prevent the United Nations, of which the United States is a member, from exercising its constitutional rights to free speech to deliberate on the recognition of a Palestinian State .

The resolution is an exercise in coercion since its intent is to withhold funding from the Palestinian Authority should the UN deliberate on such a resolution of recognition, making the UN responsible for depriving the Palestinian people of America's support.

Given the reality of what is euphemistically called “negotiations for peace” or the “Israeli/Palestinian peace process,” that have been on-going for approximately 50 years with no results: no peace, no Palestinian state, no equity of living conditions, no acceptance of proposals to enforce terms negotiated, no borders established for either state, and no expectation of results, it would appear to most people of common sense that the process is flawed. To have America act as a broker for peace limiting the participants to Israeli and Palestinian negotiators is futile at best since the US is not an objective broker nor could it be. Delay benefits the partner in the process that wields the power; that is Israel . Palestinians suffer and die as the years go by and the world waits, wonders and watches with indifference.

It occurred to me, therefore, that Senate Resolution 185 needs some alterations, alterations that might be possible if our Senators were not shackled by their masters to unanimously adopt a continuation of the idiocy that maintains a status quo demanded by the Israelis but not their negotiating partners, the Palestinians. Hence I offer the following changes as a small measure of sense into a process marked by ceaseless nonsense.
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