Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dissecting IDF propaganda: The numbers behind the rocket attacks

In this brief study, I examine the many numbers cited by the Israeli military relating to Gaza rocket attacks into Israel.

To begin, Israeli spokespeople frequently remind the world that a million Israeli citizens are within range of Gaza rockets, twelve thousand of which have been fired into Israel in the last twelve years, inflicting thousands of injuries and several dead.

However, we are rarely told exactly how many people have been killed by these rocket attacks.

Counting the dead

Below is a list of all the fatalities of rocket and mortar attacks fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel in the entire history of these attacks. Throughout the years of rocket attacks into Israel, a total of 26 people have been killed altogether.

Fatalities from rocket and mortar attacks in Israel from the Gaza Strip

Date of attackNameAgeLocationWeapon
2004.06.28Mordechai Yosephov49SderotQassam
2004.06.28Afik Ohion Zehavi4SderotQassam
2004.09.29Yuval Abebeh4SderotQassam
2004.09.29Dorit (Masarat) Benisian2SderotQassam
2005.01.15Ayala-Haya Abukasis17SderotQassam
2005.07.15Dana Gelkowitz22Moshav Nativ Ha‘asaraQassam
2006.03.28Salam Ziadin* ?Nahal OzQassam
2006.03.28Khalid Ziadin*16Nahal OzQassam
2006.11.15Faina Slutzker57SderotQassam
2006.11.21Yaakov Yaakobov43SderotQassam
2007.05.21Shirel Friedman32SderotQassam
2007.05.27Oshri Oz36SderotQassam
2008.02.27Roni Yihye47SderotQassam
2008.05.09Jimmy Kedoshim48Kibbutz Kfar Azamortar
2008.05.12Shuli Katz70Moshav YeshaQassam
2008.06.05Amnon Rosenberg51Kibbutz Nir-Ozmortar
2008.12.27Beber Vaknin58NetivotQassam
2008.12.29Lutfi Nasraladin*38IDF base near Nahal Ozmortar
2008.12.29Irit Sheetrit39AshdodGrad
2008.12.29Hani al Mahdi*27AshkelonGrad
2010.03.18Manee Singueanphon*30Moshav Nativ Ha‘asaraQassam
2011.08.20Yossi Shushan38Be’er shevaGrad
2011.10.29Moshe Ami56AshkelonGrad
2012.11.15Yitzchak Amsalem24Kiryat Malachirocket
2012.11.15Mira Sharf25Kiryat Malachirocket
2012.11.15Aharon Smadja49Kiryat Malachirocket
Total fatalities in the history of rocket and mortar attacks
from Gaza into Israel: 26
Operation Cast Lead: December 27, 2008–January 18, 2009
Operation Pillar of Cloud: November 14, 2012–
(Refer to the bottom of the page for notes and sources.)

The shaded rows in the table refer to fatalities sustained during Operation Cast Lead (December 27, 2008–January 18, 2009) and Operation Pillar of Cloud(November 14, 2012–).

Note that of the 26 fatalities from rocket and mortar attacks, more than one out of every four deaths occurred during these two operations, which were ostensibly designed to deter rocket attacks. More